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I want OKSANA MUKHA dresses to be only in my store in my city, is it possible?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to get an exclusive in your area, so you can not worry about competition.

How can I be sure that the dress will fit me if my figure is not standard?

We offer a unique opportunity to order a custom-sized dress, what means that the dress will be created with your individual measurements, ensuring the perfect fit. Our video guide will help you measure all dimensions accurately. It is highly recommended that all measurements be taken with the help of a family member, friend, or tailor.

How to order a wedding dress if I am planning to lose weight?

You can reserve the dress you want to wear to the wedding and when you are ready to provide us with your final measurements, simply send them to your manager at retail@oksana-mukha.com. Please note that all your measurements must be sent at least 3 months before the wedding day so that your dress is ready in time for your special day.

Can I buy an additional fabric?

OKSANA MUKHA specializes exclusively in providing wedding and evening dresses of the highest quality. We do not provide our content for separate purchase.

Is the standard size embroidered faster than the custom size?

Yes, it is. A dress that will be tailored exactly to your measurements is made for a month longer, since it requires the development of individual patterns and additional sewing time.

Where are you based?

The factory is located in Lviv (Ukraine) and carries out a full cycle of work on the manufacture of products.

Is it your own design?

Yes, it is. We only offer original designs and never offer copies or fakes.