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What types of partnerships are available?

The company «OKSANA MUKHA» provides the following possibilities for cooperation: Dealer (including mono-brand) Distributor

Can you sew a dress upon a picture or sketch?

A team of skilled designers and constructors are creating unique dresses for our Clients and ensure that the dresses we offer are successful not only in terms of a design, but also they are technologically correct for perfect fit on any body shape. We do not make dresses according to someone else's design, however most of our dresses can be altered to accommodate your wishes in terms of color, neckline shape or depth, sleeve length, train or a back design. We have many years of experience working with individual dresses, modest dresses or custom made dresses.

Where is the production based?

Production is located in the city of Lviv (Ukraine) and performs the complete cycle of production processes.

Will you sew a dress for my brand?

OKSANA MUKHA offer only original designs that are created by a team of skilled designers and constructors so we never produce under not our brand name or offer any replicas.

Do you offer matching veils with your dresses?

For many dresses we offer this option, you can see all matching veils either in the photo of the dress or in the Accessories section, we also have a separate catalog with prices for our accessories. However, not every dress is made with a veil. If there is no veil for the dress you prefer, please contact your manager and together with the designer we will check the possibility of creating a veil for any particular dress.

Can you send me fabric samples before I order the dress?

We try to use only the finest materials available on the market. We do not provide samples of our fabrics at the moment.

Can I get your samples (for a trunk show) before placing an order (to see if your dresses are in demand / to see the quality of the dresses)?

Dresses of our brand receive positive reviews, and we constantly receive requests for them from brides in your area. We strive to use only the highest quality materials, the best available on the market. We are unable to send you samples, as all of our free samples at the moment are are traveling in Europe and the United States for a trunk show among the company's existing partners. Your manager is always ready to provide you with all the additional information or dispel all your doubts before placing your first order (provide you with additional photos or videos of real dresses or lace quality).

How do I choose the best range for the shop / how not to make a mistake with the choice of range?

Your manager will be happy to send you a list of bestsellers, which is constantly updated. We also advise you to choose models and styles according to the most popular requests from your brides. Each region has its own requirements according to cultural, climatic or religious characteristics. Please consider this fact to choose the most successful and diverse range for your shop. After all, the successful sale of the brand's collection in your studio will depend on it.

How can I send you information about customized dress? How can I understand the size of your dresses?

At your disposal is our size chart, according to your size chart type (EU / US/ UK) next to each size you can see the corresponding range in cm. To place an order for individual measurements, you must fill in the appropriate file sent by your manager and fill in the necessary measurements that are different from standard. If the changes relate to the design, you must describe them as accurately as possible in writing, if the changes are significant - send us a sketch, or a sketch made over the photo of our dress with the necessary design changes.

Do you have a stock of the dresses or they need to be sewn?

All of our dresses are sewn exclusively from scratch upon each order. We have some dresses in stoch list of which your manager can send you or you can find in your personal account on our website as well as receive a special offer list.