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OKSANA MUKHA brand is published on ELLE Italia official website

 OKSANA MUKHA is a brand with a history of 32 years. We are represented in 60 countries around the world and do our best to make the brides feel even happier in the most unforgettable moment of lives. We are happy to be on top of the wedding industry and create high-quality couture dresses! Our brand also regularly participates in international exhibitions and fashion shows. We are humbled when our work is noticed by international magazines. We are glad to announce that this week the information concerning our participation in finale of J Autumn Fashion Show 2022 has been published on ELLE Italy official website. Click on the link to find more 

The brand OKSANA MUKHA in the finale of J Autumn Fashion Show 2022 on the Hudson River in New York

 The Ukrainian international couture fashion brand OKSANA MUKHA closed the unique J Autumn Fashion show, which took place at 34 Pier of the Hudson River Park in New York. On October 19, 2022, the OKSANA MUKHA brand grandly presented not only Ukraine but also all of Eastern Europe at the annual J Autumn Fashion Show 2022.  The Ukrainian product was chosen for the show's finale by the organizer, supermodel and public figure Jessica Minh Anh. "I’ve been memorized by OKSANA MUKHA’s designs for years. Their beautiful hand-made patterns, impeccable craftsmanship, and perfect fit of dresses amaze even the most experienced fashion experts.  After receiving a photo of the collection, there was no doubt in my mind that these dresses would be the perfect finale of the show.  I especially want to note the spiritual strength and determination of the OKSANA MUKHA team, which, despite russia's military aggression against Ukraine, created an exclusive collection of extremely high quality.  The persistence of the brand represents a positive image of Ukraine in the eyes of the world," shared Jessica Minh Anh, the organizer of the show. Closing the show, OKSANA MUKHA presented a couture collection of wedding dresses decorated with embroidery, beads, pearls, sequins, light hand-made flowers, tulle, and chantilly lace.  The collection of the brand OKSANA MUKHA made an extremely strong impression on the audience.  Each dress became a symbol of femininity and sophistication of a woman, thirst for victory and freedom. In the finale of the show, the audience was impressed by the appearance of Jessica Minh Anh in a satin red dress.  The exquisite dress was complemented by a spectacular wreath of light voluminous hand-made flowers and a veil in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.  A bright element emphasized beauty of Jessica, creating an impressive effect of strength and power.  Captivating and inspiring, the exotic beauty led an angelic model line-up against the picturesque backdrop of the Hudson River and the New York skyline.  The final show created a real splash among the audience and was marked by loud applause. "It is a great honor for us to close this wonderful show.  Our main idea is to show Ukrainian culture, femininity, a will to live, and victory through the art of fashion.  The final look with a Ukrainian wreath and veil in yellow and blue tones is a symbol of the greatness of the Ukrainian people, the strength of our national symbols, and the power of women in general.  We are grateful that precisely these ideas we relay in the finale of the J Autumn Fashion Show 2022.  We are sure that this show is only the first brick of the foundation of our cooperation with Jessica and JMA Global," commented the founder and chief designer of the brand, Oksana Mukha.  Besides the Ukrainian brand, among the highlights were America’s own BCBGMAXAZRIA and the Indian brand House of Khaddar by Bollywood superstar Kamal Haasan. Returning names include Brazilian jewelry powerhouse Cristina Sabatini, Polish Celebrity designer Teresa Rosati, Californian luxury swimwear brand Savage, and Malaysian Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. Jessica has also invited Lebanese representative Viviane Debbas, Irish haute couture talent Claire Garvey, and Vietnamese footwear brand XT, who are all set to impress with a signature collection. J Autumn Fashion Show 2022 was Jessica Minh Anh’s return to the catwalk in America after the phenomenal success of “Runway on the Runway” at JFK international airport before the pandemic, where the supermodel turned entrepreneur promoted the globally sustainable supply chain. This show followed Jessica’s sky-high sustainable ocean catwalk on a Liquefied-Natural-Gas powered cruise ship in Portofino, Italy earlier this year. The show became the result of work between Jessica Minh Anh and the Hudson River Park Trust, with the aim of drawing attention to the initiative of sustainable development through the art of fashion.  Previous shows have taken place at the Hoover Dam in the US, at the Gemasolar power plant in Spain, on a liquefied natural gas cruise ship in Italy, and on the runway at JFK, where were demonstrated DHL Express' sustainable shipping methods. 


 OKSANA MUKHA is a brand with a history of 32 years. This is a love story for each product, which is worked on by a whole team of people who are in love with their work. These are more than 100,000 exclusive wedding dresses, 250 partners in 50 countries, more than 70 wedding exhibitions and hundreds of magazines in which the OKSANA MUKHA brand has been published. We are happy to be leaders in the wedding industry and bring happiness to every bride in the most presious moments of her life! Every day, the OKSANA MUKHA brand is gaining momentum and actively devotes its attention to brand promotion. Today we were published on VOGUE Instagram page. Each collaboration has its own, special story written on paper, which proves that OKSANA MUKHA products are works of art that will make everyone fall in love with them! 



New Evening collection Hollywood Cinema

 Hollywood Cinema Just as we took a deep breath after the Christmas hustle, Paris Haute Couture Fashion week started, and now influencers, models & celebrities are booking their stays in New York, since it’s the very next Fashion Week point in February. However, while this business is up and running, no one is forgetting about the Prom season that just about to begin, and fashionistas around the world are already looking for the dress to make their blissful stroll on the Prom Balls.  новина 22 - вставка.jpg 136.2 KBSince seasonal fashion is already going out of style and what we wear is no longer defined by the weather or the specific trend – there millions of them right now. 00’s, 90’s,80’s.. go back as much as you please, and you will still find some trendy look with elements from each decade in your Instagram feed. Fashion is becoming inclusive and liberal within your choice and likings. новина 22 - вставка-1.jpg 124.37 KBTherefore, In order to stay tuned, in fashion industry, you just have to follow your own path. There is still price you pay as a brand and as a business, but that’s the kind of loss that comes within global change. The change we all want to be a part of. Create, produce and consume consciously. That’s why we decided to reveal this collection in day and time simply by choice, not by tendency, in order to create something full rounded, something modern-age-elegant and something ‘complete’. New Evening wear collection ‘Hollywood Cinema’ takes roots of inspiration from old movies, which sets a tone for so many things that we define ‘truly elegant’ nowadays. Paying tribute to 50’s films like ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ & ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ with a present-day feel to it.  новина 22 - вставка-3.jpg 142.27 KBDivine Red Carpet-like dresses, made of shimmering jacquard & slick satins, bold colors and dauntless cuts – is how we see Hollywood Cinema stars look. And despite the volume and grand-looking silhouettes, you will be surprised by the  featherly weigh of the dresses, and that’s the whole different story. Although we adore complex and elaborate cuts and looks in our wedding collections, we also know that for IT-girl, who has some big event almost every week, it maybe be a bit exhausting to carry around heavy armor gowns. So here it is, problem solved. We wanted to enhance every mood or occasion, whether it’s a roof-top after party or Gala, paying attention not only to continuity of the collection but rather Why-and-where perspective. We hope you enjoy our outlook of the Evening season and find something that will reflect your vision. To our dear partners & clients OKSANA MUKHA team  



Cocktail Party Collection

It’s almost the height of summer! Good news one after another are appearing on our feed, and it seems like we all can feel the relief of coming back to normal life. Digital events have occupied our attention during this endless lockdown, countless numbers or shows and presentations that look amazing… but something is missing, right? новина 23 - вставка-4.jpg 387.88 KBAnd we all know what is. Gathering. Preparation. Choosing your look for the night out and letting people watch you slay. Now we know how much it is worth to stumble around in a room full of strangers on a Friday night. новина 23 - вставка-1.jpg 223.52 KBAnd however much the loungewear have completely rerouted the market predictions, we still want to dress up. We want to look smart, we want to be seen, be recognised and go out! новина 23 - вставка.jpg 178.18 KBJust so we knew… The collection of the evening dresses «Cocktail party» was created for that very occasion. Acid colours, airy tulles and bohemian jacquard, sleek corsets and playful skirts came together to aline with your party mood. So many styles and variations.. Just pick one for yourself. 



Wedding Campaign 2022. "Muse of the Paradise"

Graceful & mystical, a definition for the anticipated new collection by OKSANA MUKHA. Inspired by the Mediterranean aestetics and mythology of the southern Europe, infused with elegance and airiness in every design, yet is empowered by silhouettes and rich embellishment and décor. image.png 338.64 KBThe variety of the materials coursed around the world & been custom made to align with the imagination of the designer – reaches nearly 200 kinds.  Unique decorations and floral appliques, all hand sewn onto the garments. In an ode to beauty, OKSANA MUKHA showcases the excellence of femininity. In order to build the continuity of the atmosphere in the collection, we had to find a dreamy, paradise-like location. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures, and there is absolutely nothing that will stop a strong team with vision not to pursue the dream to uplift our brides, and see them shining in our dresses.image.png 827.85 KBAfter some back and forwards discussion, the decision was made, looked like a perfect location to recall that Mediterranean feel the collection was longing for. This season’s creations are an ode to nature and the radiant landscapes of the southern coast.image.png 338.39 KBThe result outdid the expectations. And while the entire team is preparing for the release of the Collection 2022 on the 14th of May, here is just a glimpse of our behind the scenes outtakes.img_prod.jpg 486.75 KBThe result outdid the expectations. And while the entire team is preparing for the release of the Collection 2022 on the 14th of May, here is just a glimpse of our behind the scenes outtakes.img_prod.jpg 486.75 KB

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