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We are excited to share some wonderful news with you! The esteemed Ukrainian media outlet, LOFFICIEL, has published an article about our new wedding collection, "Pearl." This feature highlights the exquisite craftsmanship and incredible beauty of our pieces.image.png 1.37 MBThis year's collection is distinguished by its uniqueness and combination of traditional elements with innovative design approaches. The talented designers of the OKSANA MUKHA brand have once again managed to create something extraordinary by combining their favorite classic elements with modern innovations, the latest fabrics and creative solutions.image.png 1.36 MBThe Pearl collection, presented by the Ukrainian brand OKSANA MUKHA, embodies tenderness and romance, while at the same time the uniqueness of a modern woman. Each dress is created with love and care to make the bride feel special on the most important day of her life.image.png 1.52 MBWe are delighted to see the media's great interest in our collection and are deeply grateful for your continued support.Be blessed,OKSANA MUKHA


 The Ukrainian magazine JetSetter published an article about the presentation of a new evening collection called Scent of Passion, which has become a symbol of elegance and luxury. The collection was created with special care and attention to the smallest details so that every woman could feel exceptional during a significant event in her life.image.png 1.43 MBThis is an extremely important recognition of our work and our contribution to the fashion industry. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your support and faith in us.image.png 1.28 MBMore at the link:

New wedding collection "Pearl"

We want to present our new wedding collection - "Pearl", which has become a true embodiment of art and modern trends. This year's collection impresses with its uniqueness and combination of traditional elements with innovative design approaches.image.png 1.59 MBTalented designers of the OKSANA MUKHA brand have once again managed to create something extraordinary by combining their favorite classic elements with modern innovations, the latest fabrics and creative solutions.image.png 1.49 MBThe impressive Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, which is a French seaside villa located on the picturesque French Riviera, was chosen as the place for the new collection. This villa is surrounded by nine beautiful gardens, each with its own unique atmosphere.The villa is known for its rich history and exquisite architecture, which gives photo shoots a special charm and romantic mood. The choice of this place is not accidental, because it perfectly emphasizes the elegance and luxury of the new collection by OKSANA MUKHA.image.png 1.51 MBTender and romantic. Strong and independent . The wedding collection by OKSANA MUKHA will emphasize the beauty of each bride through her tenderness and romance, as well as through her strength and unbreakabilityimage.png 1.11 MB



Paris Fashion Show&OKSANA MUKHA

OKSANA MUKHA took part in a fashion show in Paris, where she presented her new bridal collection. The event became a real celebration of fashion, enchanting the audience with every moment. photo_2024-06-11_11-13-42 (2).jpg 271.82 KBThe catwalk came to life when the models walked out in stunning dresses from the famous brand. The collection was characterized by exquisite design, sophisticated details and unique style, confirming Oksana Mukha's high skill. photo_2024-06-11_11-13-42 (3).jpg 322.29 KBThe show in Paris became an important event in the fashion world, once again emphasizing the global recognition of the Ukrainian brand.photo_2024-06-11_11-12-27 (2).jpg 184.45 KB



OKSANA MUKHA dresses the guests of the White House State Dinner hosted by President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden.

 Emily Fleming attracted the attention of everyone present when she arrived at the White House State Dinner in a luxurious dress by the Ukrainian brand OKSANA MUKHA.  image.png 2.5 MBShe accompanied Michael Polish to this gala event, which took place on May 23, 2024 in Washington, DC.         image.png 3.37 MB  WWD magazine featured Emily in a gorgeous red jacquard dress by OKSANA MUKHA.                image.png 1002 KBWe are honored to be a part of such a great event.   Stay tuned for more information and thank you for your support and faith in us. Be blessed!- OKSANA MUKHA



Charity Vienna Ball&OKSANA MUKHA

This year's Charity Vienna Ball was filled with people who wanted to attend the event to unite for a charitable cause - raising funds for the SOS Children's Villages in Ukraine charity foundation, which takes care of children affected by the war. The money was also raised to equip a shelter for children from the Art Lyceum "Kyiv Children's Academy of Arts named after M.I. Chamberlain" and to equip medical evacuation cars for the transportation of the wounded.image.png 1.01 MBBefore the event, a photo shoot of the ball participants was held and published by the Ukrainian magazine JETSETTER. The participants wore elegant evening dresses by OKSANA MUKHA. The photo shoot captivated the audience with its sophistication and conveyed the atmosphere of the holiday.image.png 1.22 MBAmong the guests of the evening, Ukrainian TV presenter and actress Lilia Rebryk stood out, choosing a dress by OKSANA MUKHA. Her choice emphasized her sophistication and impeccable taste, making her one of the main decorations of this charity evening.image.png 1.78 MBThe Charity Viennese Ball in Kyiv not only brought joy and pleasure to the participants, but also raised funds for important causes, helping those in need. 



New evening collection "Scent of Passion"

We invite you to the world of elegance and luxury with our new evening collection "Scent of Passion". Each element of this collection is created with attention to detail and exquisite taste to make you feel irresistible during any important event in your life.Our design team has breathed life into this collection by researching fashion trends, as a result you will see a combination of modern style with classic elegance that creates a unique look. image.png 1.47 MB"Scent of Passion" is not just a name, but a reflection of the true essence of our new evening collection. Each element of this collection radiates the unbridled power of passion and emotions. Our designers relied on sensations and aesthetics to create dresses that reflect the inner essence of every woman. image.png 1.07 MB"Scent of Passion" is an opportunity to express your true self through the sophistication of cut, fabrics and details. Feel the passion that overwhelms our collection and allow yourself to plunge into the world of luxurious elegance.image.png 1.11 MBYou deserve the best and we have created this collection just for you.Be blessed-OKSANA MUKHA



SKYLERR at the National Selection for Eurovision

On February 3, Ukraine held the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. One of the participants of this event was the talented Ukrainian singer SKYLERR, who enchanted the audience with her powerful vocal skills and expressive performance.No less impressive element of SKYLERR's performance was her unique outfit, created by the OKSANA MUKHA team especially for the singer. This outfit amazed the audience with its originality and sophistication of details. Each silk drapery and crystal accent helped to emphasize not only the singer's refined taste, but also to express her emotions during the performance.It should be noted that this exquisite outfit received great attention from the public and experts, who highly appreciated its contribution to the creation of the singer's unique image.We would also like to inform you that SKYLERR became the first ambassador of the OKSANA MUKHA brand. 



OKSANA MUKHA captivates the audience at the J Summer Fashion Show 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 Recently, the J Summer Fashion Show 2023, organized by supermodel Jessica Minh An, took place on the luxurious Costa Diadema yacht against the enchanting backdrop of Rio de Janeiro. The event showcased a dazzling fusion of cultures in three different collections, with an emphasis on exquisite evening gowns by renowned Ukrainian designer Oksana Mukha.  The event culminated with a breathtaking collection of evening gowns by Oksana Mukha, symbolizing the intersection of cultures and bold innovation.Oksana Mukha, whose name is synonymous with sophistication and haute couture, presented a fascinating collection that resonated deeply with the audience. The designer's keen eye for detail and commitment to timeless elegance were evident in every piece, making a significant contribution to the development of the global fashion scene. The new collection from the Ukrainian brand OKSANA MUKHA is an expression of a true passion for female beauty and grandeur. Every smallest detail in these outfits embodies the grandeur and grace of the woman who chooses them for herself. This collection is a combination of extraordinary sophistication and impeccable elegance that will emphasize the uniqueness and originality of each bride. Each dress from the OKSANA MUKHA brand is made using high-quality and exquisite materials. Every decorative element is handmade by craftsmen, making each dress unique and individual.A dress by OKSANA MUKHA is a perfectly created image that embodies the strength and wisdom of a woman, and on a special day, will make her a real queen. The J Summer Fashion Show 2023 in Rio de Janeiro is Jessica Minh An's 28th world-famous event, reflecting her unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the world's fashion runways. After successful shows in Dubai, Sydney, Hong Kong, and New York - Jessica Minh A continues to bring together the world's best designers and brands.The collaboration with Oksana Mukha has undoubtedly added another layer of glamour and sophistication to this celebrated fashion showcase 

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