Wedding dresses

Amid the hustle and bustle of wedding chores, each bride wonders where to buy a wedding dress -which will not be trivial- but will emphasize her beauty and make this day unforgettable. When brides embark on choosing a wedding dress, they are easily lost in this abyss of beautiful snow-white dresses, which after a dozen fittings seems the same. But this rule does not apply to OKSANA MUKHA's collection of wedding dresses.

Each dress from her collections is special and different from the others, because Oksana's team understands how important it is for a bride to feel confident and beautiful on her day while maintaining her individuality. For some models of wedding dresses, the brand's design team has developed several dress options, differing in decor and color. Therefore, each bride will be able to choose the exact wedding dress she wants without raising doubts about her choice.

OKSANA MUKHA has developed over 80 styles of dresses during her 30 year professional career. Her dresses are popular all over the world. There are boutiques carrying this brand in many different countries and her new collections receive tremendous praise at fashion shows across the globe. So, what makes her dresses special and why buy a wedding dress from one of Oksana's collections?

About the Brand: "OKSANA MUKHA"

OKSANA MUKHA is a Ukrainian designer and has been involved in the fashion industry since 1991. During the collapse of the Soviet Union, wedding fashion was going through a crisis, the range of wedding dresses was very scarce and monotonous. It inspired the founder of the brand to make things right and show that dresses for such an important wedding day can be beautiful and mesmerizing.

At the beginning of her career, she created her unique wedding dresses right in her apartment, and in 1996 she founded her first clothing brand called "Galwestmoda". Gradually, Oksana's wedding and evening dresses received recognition in Ukraine, Poland, and then in Europe, the United States and CIS countries. This success and recognition prompted the designer to create her own brand in 2006 under the name "OKSANA MUKHA".

Since that time, the brand's fame has spread throughout the world. The brand's wedding dress collections are regularly shown at international bridal fashion shows in Italy, France, Lithuania, Poland and the USA. Oksana's dresses often win prestigious awards in the fashion industry and appear on the pages of glossy magazines.

During its existence, the brand managed to cooperate with such companies as Diamond Bridal Gallery and "Swarovski Crystal". They released 12 collections of inimitable wedding dresses and opened boutiques in many countries around the world. Today, OKSANA MUKHA successfully manages the brand together with her family. Her daughter Katerina is the creative director and face of the brand. Every year Oksana's team pleases brides with new collections of dresses created from high-quality fabrics and worked out to the smallest detail. She often presents such collections at fashion shows in Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

Collections of Wedding Dresses from the Brand "OKSANA MUKHA"

OKSANA MUKHA's brand strives to bring happiness to people for their most important and unforgettable moments by creating beautiful, elegant, and high-quality fashion products. In her collections, Oksana embodies the latest trends in wedding fashion, striving to make wedding dresses not only exquisite but beautiful. Her dresses are comfortable, appropriate, and emphasize the individuality of each bride. Despite the variety of the brand's wedding dresses, they all differ in style, silhouette, abundance of decor, fabrics and various shades.

Oksana's team carefully approaches their work on each model; working on the smallest details to make a truly unique wedding dress that emphasizes the natural beauty of the bride. Thus, the brand's dresses are ready for every event from: photo shoots, to the official ceremony, to the church wedding, or even a restaurant celebration.

The fabrics for each dress are carefully selected to make the product elegant, unique, and most importantly comfortable for the bride. Therefore, during the production of wedding dresses, only high-quality rounds, real silk, satin, organza, chiffon and Swarovski crystals are used.

Oksana and the brand's designers strive to create dresses that will not only make the bride beautiful and make her stand out, but also that which will not hinder her movements or cause discomfort. In order to make dresses ideal for the bride, all the features and parameters of the female figure are taken into account. Thus, when purchasing dresses from OKSANA MUKHA, you can be sure that they will fit perfectly and you will feel more confident than ever.

We suggest you briefly get to know more information about the collection of exclusive wedding dresses by OKSANA MUKHA!

In the "Gloss Glass" collection you will find 40 models of wedding dresses, most of them have A Line, Fitted and Ball Gown silhouettes with a train. The collection is dominated by the range of ivory and blush colors, but there are also models with cappuccino and silver-colored dresses. Dresses from this collection are very expressive but make the bride elegant while highlighting her beauty.

The "Highlighted Glamor" collection consists of 23 dresses, most of which have a Fitted and A Line silhouette. Despite the prevalence of ivory color, the collection includes models in cappuccino, gold and silver. Models have both a detachable train and a regular one. There are also wedding dresses that don't have a train. If the feeling of comfort is important to you and you want a dress of an unusual color, then you should pay attention to this collection!

The "Côte d'Azur" collection features 19 dresses that have A Line strength, as well as several Mermaid, Fitted, Mini and Sheath wedding dresses. Ivory and blush are among the main shades of the collection and one model is available in cappuccino. Most of the models come with a train, but 5 wedding dresses from this collection do not have a train. This collection is suitable for brides who want to stand out brightly from others while meeting the latest fashion trends.

In the "L'arome de Paris" collection, brides will find 27 luxury wedding dresses in various ivory shades as well as several models in cappuccino, blush and silver. The dresses have an A Line cut, as well as several Fitted, Ball Gown and Sheath dresses. Most of the dresses have a train which makes the dress more fabulous and attractive. This collection is suitable for brides who dream of classic dresses that emphasize their natural beauty and figure.

The "Dolce Italia" collection was inspired by the spirit of classic Italy. You will find 28 A Line dresses, and several Fitted, Sheath and Mermaid as well. These dresses are available in ivory, cappuccino, gold, silver, champagne and nude. Most models have a train and some dresses have a detachable train. These dresses will favorably emphasize the figure of the bride, will not cause discomfort when moving, and will provide a very romantic presence for the bride.

The "Luxurious Spirit" collection has 18 dresses in A Line, Mermaid, Ball Gown and Fitted. Brides can purchase dresses in ivory, cappuccino, pink and nude. Most models have a stunning train that makes the bride appear slimmer and more sophisticated. These unique weddings will emphasize all the solemnity of the holiday and will make the bride shine like a diamond.

The collection, "New Look", presents 14 models of wedding dresses in A Line, Fitted and Mermaid silhouettes. The collection is dominated by ivory and cappuccino, and 1 model is available in silver. The peculiarity of the collection is that 2 dresses have a graceful cape, which makes the bride graceful. There are also dresses with and without a train. This collection is for lovers of elegant and classic bridal fashion.

Inspired by the exotic and romantic spirit of Portugal, the "Lisbon Lace" collection includes 19 bridal gowns, A Line, Fitted, Sheath and one Ball Gown. Most of the dresses in the collection are made in ivory, but there are also models in cappuccino, silver, blush, and pink. Most of the dresses in the collection have a train, but there is only one cape model. If you want to buy a wedding dress that differs from the usual, emphasizes your individuality and pleases with an unusual shade, then you will love this collection.

The collection "Fresh Touch" embodies all the different trends in wedding fashion. It features 20 A Line, Fitted, Empire, Mermaid and Sheath silhouettes. This collection pampers fashionistas with a variety of dress shades: ivory, cappuccino, silver, champagne, blush, nude and pink. These dresses will make the bride brighter, more sophisticated and delightful with the use of fresh colors.

The "Iconic Look" collection embodies the classic silhouettes of wedding dresses (A Line, Ball Gown, Mermaid and Fitted), emphasizing the importance of the event while respecting the traditions of wedding fashion. The collection includes dresses in ivory as well as several models in cappuccino, white and red. Most of the dresses in the collection have a train, but there are models without it or with a detachable train. If you want a dress with a classic silhouette which emphasizes your individuality, the dresses from this collection are what you need!

The collection of wedding dresses from "Supreme Classic" has incorporated all the traditions of wedding fashion and has presented 21 chic wedding dresses which will instantly transform a bride into a queen for the occasion. The collection includes dresses of classic bridal silhouettes - A Line, Fitted, Ball Gown and Mermaid. The colors of the collection are also quite restrained and classic - ivory, white and several models in the shade of cappuccino. Most of the dresses have a train, but 4 models do not have it. If you are having a classic celebration and you want a stylish, elegant dress, you should pay particular attention to this collection.

The "Voyage" collection is the smallest (after all, it consists of 12 models), but at the same time it is very elegant and harmonizes the presence of a romantic bride. The collection's dresses are presented in A Line, Fitted and Ball Gown silhouettes, and also have a train. Luxury dresses from this collection are suitable both for photo shoots and for traditional celebrations.


Wedding fashion does not stand still. Fashion trends and canons are constantly changing, but only the responsible approach to creating wedding dresses and the desire to make the bride at the wedding a real queen remain constant. This inspires the brand of OKSANA MUKHA to constantly work on improving wedding fashion and to release new inimitable collections of dresses.

So, if you want a unique stylish dress that will emphasize your femininity, elegance, and make you sparkle like a diamond, OKSANA MUKHA's dresses are the perfect solution.