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New Evening collection Hollywood Cinema

 Hollywood Cinema 
Just as we took a deep breath after the Christmas hustle, Paris Haute Couture Fashion week started, and now influencers, models & celebrities are booking their stays in New York, since it’s the very next Fashion Week point in February. However, while this business is up and running, no one is forgetting about the Prom season that just about to begin, and fashionistas around the world are already looking for the dress to make their blissful stroll on the Prom Balls. 
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Since seasonal fashion is already going out of style and what we wear is no longer defined by the weather or the specific trend – there millions of them right now. 00’s, 90’s,80’s.. go back as much as you please, and you will still find some trendy look with elements from each decade in your Instagram feed. Fashion is becoming inclusive and liberal within your choice and likings. 
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Therefore, In order to stay tuned, in fashion industry, you just have to follow your own path. There is still price you pay as a brand and as a business, but that’s the kind of loss that comes within global change. The change we all want to be a part of. Create, produce and consume consciously. 
That’s why we decided to reveal this collection in day and time simply by choice, not by tendency, in order to create something full rounded, something modern-age-elegant and something ‘complete’. 
New Evening wear collection ‘Hollywood Cinema’ takes roots of inspiration from old movies, which sets a tone for so many things that we define ‘truly elegant’ nowadays. Paying tribute to 50’s films like ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ & ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ with a present-day feel to it. 
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Divine Red Carpet-like dresses, made of shimmering jacquard & slick satins, bold colors and dauntless cuts – is how we see Hollywood Cinema stars look. 
And despite the volume and grand-looking silhouettes, you will be surprised by the  featherly weigh of the dresses, and that’s the whole different story. Although we adore complex and elaborate cuts and looks in our wedding collections, we also know that for IT-girl, who has some big event almost every week, it maybe be a bit exhausting to carry around heavy armor gowns. So here it is, problem solved. 
We wanted to enhance every mood or occasion, whether it’s a roof-top after party or Gala, paying attention not only to continuity of the collection but rather Why-and-where perspective. 
We hope you enjoy our outlook of the Evening season and find something that will reflect your vision. 
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