Straight Silhouette Wedding Dresses

Straight wedding dresses: emphasizing the beauty!

Since childhood, dreaming of becoming princesses, growing up, girls often imagine themselves as brides in traditional magnificent dresses. But direct wedding dresses are no less interesting and look beneficial on almost any figure, you just need to choose a style that visually suits you. This is why, we advise you to move away from tradition and pay attention to direct wedding dresses with lace or other versions of straight silhouette models.

Straight Cut Wedding Dresses: Get the List of Benefits

Even wedding fashion historians find it difficult to tell who introduced such dresses to brides. It seems that even in ancient drawings - Greece, Rome, Egypt - wedding dresses are long, straight, full of conciseness and solemnity. And it's not because there wasn't enough imagination to create complex styles. Why hide the figure's graceful lines, when the tunic highlights them and the flaws can be easily hidden under their drapes? As they say, true beauty is simplicity!

However, the advantages of such a silhouette of wedding dresses is not only the visual effect that they create.

It is also:

  • a variety of options, because on the basis of a laconic silhouette, if you use different cut lines, materials, decor, interesting models are obtained each time;
  • excellent combination with accessories and decorations different in style and design, and they can add a new touch to the image.

For example, it is worth choosing retro-style jewelry for a straight lace wedding dress - and here we see a bride full of charm as if descended from photographs of the beginning of the last century. Indeed, it was at the beginning of the 20th century that designer Mario Fortuni proposed abandoning fluffy skirts and crinolines in favor of convenience and simplicity …

How to buy a straight wedding dress: selection criteria

The range of such dresses in any salon is not inferior to the traditional magnificent options, so there are plenty to choose from. It is unlikely that you will be able to try on all this beauty, so you should decide in advance what you need to pay attention to.

  1. Length. Wedding dresses straight to the floor look very solemn and very relevant for more than one season. But this is an option for those who are willing to slowly, aristocratically move. For many modern brides, their own wedding is an occasion to have fun and dance. And they are ready to boldly demonstrate the beauty of their legs. Here for the - wedding dresses of direct cut midi and mini lengths. Another compromise between solemnity and dynamism is transformer dresses with a removable long skirt or with a train. On beautifully staged photos you will be captured in a straight wedding dress with a train, and then you can take it off and have fun dancing with the guests.
  2. Color and material. White straight wedding dresses are a classic choice, although today there are no more strict requirements regarding the color scheme of the outfit for the bride. Some departure from the traditional white - close to it shades of ivory, coffee with milk, beige. If you want to impress guests with your extravagance and courage - for you the catalog of straight wedding dresses offers different bright and unusual colors, even lilac, red and black. Outfits sewn from different fabrics look different. Compare, for example, the luxury and serene sheen of satin and the pretentiousness of jacquard patterns or expensive fabrics such as velvet, taffeta, velour. The conciseness of cut and the elegance of lace, the embroidered canvas, the material decorated with rhinestones, and sequins are perfectly combined.
  3. Style, silhouette, and mood. A straight lace wedding dress with sleeves is so self-sufficient that it does not need to be complemented with luxurious accessories. You don’t even have to put on a veil or choose a shortened version, and you should decorate your hair with a delicate bouquet. Such a romantic style looks very modest and aristocratic. But as soon as the designer added a deep neckline or deep cut on the back - and now we have a dress full of playfulness and challenge. A closed straight wedding dress creates the same effect, but knee-length or taller. We recommend it for those who have a slender figure because this option maximally "opens" the lines of the figure to others. If you want to emphasize a beautiful chest, pay attention to wedding dresses with a straight skirt, not one-piece, but consisting of the upper corset and straight lower parts.

Therefore before choosing a dress it is necessary to pay attention not only to it, but also to consider your taste, style which you like and specifics of the figure.

In OKSANA MUKHA store you can choose straight wedding dresses, the prices are depending on the relevance of the collection, the material used and the decor.

⭐ What silhouettes of wedding dresses are the most popular this season?

The latest collection "OKSANA MUKHA" presents dresses for every taste. Lush, A-line silhouette, fish, fitted, straight - a wide choice to satisfy the most demanding brides.

⭐ Are only classic white wedding dresses presented in salons?

Of course not, In the catalog of wedding dresses "OKSANA MUKHA", in addition to white, you can find wedding dresses in pink, cappuccino, cream, powder, beige and other shades.

⭐ How to buy a wedding dress online?

Choose a model of wedding dress that you like, specify the color and size. If in doubt about the choice of size, you can always consult with salon managers. Or book a dress and come to the nearest salon for fitting.