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The dress is made from a unique designer silk jacquard, produced by the only company in the world. The exclusivity of this fabric lies in the combination of jet-black silk and metallic threads woven into the organza fabric according to a unique pattern developed by the designer in such a way that the shining fabric itself is already a decoration and does not require additional decor. In addition, the pattern is placed so that the interweaving of silk and metallic threads alternates with the uncovered parts of the canvas, creating a kind of airy, translucent area. The fabric is created especially for the OKSANA MUKHA brand. The design of the dress repeats the dynamics of the material - a bold cut of the skirt, the corset favorably emphasizes the chest line and slim waist. All draperies are fastened by hand, and the waist is emphasized by a belt from genuine leather for which accessories are made especially for the OKSANA MUKHA brand.

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The details of the public offer agreement are available on our website. And find out all the details of the sale and purchase.

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If you have any questions about the quality of the goods, you can familiarize yourself with the details of our company's return policy.

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Our company allows you to familiarize yourself with the recommendations and warnings regarding the details and care of the dress.

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