Sleeveless Wedding Dress

Among the many styles and variants of solemn models, a sleeveless wedding dress is the most popular solution for a ceremony held in the warm season. Such outfits are in harmony with different wraps, can be supplemented with a drape or cape or remain open. In the OKSANA MUKHA brand line, sleeveless products are presented by the following models:

  • with an American armhole;
  • bando or bustier;
  • in the form of sundresses with different necks.

The choice of cut depends on personal preferences, the figure of the bride, and the format of the wedding. The modern tendency to hold events on the road, at the resort, or even in the air has become the basis for the development of completely new models, which should emphasize the solemnity of the moment, to create a gentle and feminine image of the bride.

Exclusive Sleeveless Wedding Dresses

OKSANA MUKHA outfits are perfect in any format and style. The absence of sleeves emphasizes a feminine silhouette, focuses on graceful shoulders, a thin neck. In such models, the neckline (or its absence) is of particular importance, which will be decisive in creating a sophisticated restrained or, conversely, ardent and bold, mysterious modest or open, catchy image of the bride.

⭐ What silhouettes of wedding dresses are the most popular this season?

The latest collection "OKSANA MUKHA" presents dresses for every taste. Lush, A-line silhouette, fish, fitted, straight - a wide choice to satisfy the most demanding brides.

⭐ Are only classic white wedding dresses presented in salons?

Of course not, In the catalog of wedding dresses "OKSANA MUKHA", in addition to white, you can find wedding dresses in pink, cappuccino, cream, powder, beige and other shades.

⭐ How to buy a wedding dress online?

Choose a model of wedding dress that you like, specify the color and size. If in doubt about the choice of size, you can always consult with salon managers. Or book a dress and come to the nearest salon for fitting.