Red wedding dresses

Modern wedding fashion does not impose white dresses on brides as the only acceptable option. Trends have long changed in favor of bolder outfits, including a red wedding dress. What is associated with such an image, what shade to choose, and how to choose the right accessories?

Symbolism of the scarlet outfit

Before you decide to buy a red wedding dress, you should study the symbolism of this color, as it is deep and strong. It is the color of beauty and passion, carrying a powerful vital energy. Associations with heat and fire give a woman strength and determination. In the color scheme, red is the most active. In the east, scarlet is associated with joy, wealth, health, and success, so this color is actively used in wedding traditions.

In Turkey, Thailand, India, and China, scarlet is still considered traditional. In Slavic countries, red wedding dresses were replaced by sundresses. If the outfit was white, the embroidery had to be necessarily red. This image was associated with beauty and health.

Variety of shades

You can buy red lace wedding dress if you have firmly recognized that the desire to be red on your wedding day is stronger than fear or embarrassment. The bride's view of life should be as strong as this color. It is suitable for energetic, daring, and brave women who are used to being successful. When natural modesty is inherent in nature, traditional color schemes in combination with scarlet inserts should be preferred.

Since the color is strong in all respects, it is worth choosing a shade carefully so that the image does not appear aggressive. Considering different red gorgeous wedding dresses or thin styles, you should consider your color type.

  1. Poppy, carrot, and coral shades are the most delicate, they seem to glow and are ideally suited to the spring color type.
  2. Pomegranate is distinguished by a bluish tint, so it will be appropriate for the summer color type.
  3. For winter girls, cold shades are most successful, among them ruby, burgundy and raspberry.
  4. If the bride has brown hair and green or brown eyes, a brick or copper-red tone will be perfect.

Color of accessories

If the problem with choosing the shade of the outfit is resolved, it remains to choose the right accessories, since beautiful wedding red dresses should focus on themselves the bulk of the attention.

  • the garter should be only red;
  • black color will become a chic addition, especially if you choose black gloves;
  • shades of light brown will make the image more feminine and sophisticated;
  • beige color is neutral, so it fits any shade of scarlet;
  • white is a universal color;
  •  better to avoid shades of purple.

This section presents outfits of classic length, as well as red short wedding dresses, among which a bold bride can easily choose the ideal option for herself.

⭐ What silhouettes of wedding dresses are the most popular this season?

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⭐ Are only classic white wedding dresses presented in salons?

Of course not, In the catalog of wedding dresses "OKSANA MUKHA", in addition to white, you can find wedding dresses in pink, cappuccino, cream, powder, beige and other shades.

⭐ How to buy a wedding dress online?

Choose a model of wedding dress that you like, specify the color and size. If in doubt about the choice of size, you can always consult with salon managers. Or book a dress and come to the nearest salon for fitting.