Short wedding dresses

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Short wedding dresses are the permanent fashion for style. They were always valued by internally free women. They were not afraid to close the marriage and openly demonstrate their independence from the other views. And they confirmed that the chosen one is indeed their free choice. And the edge of the skirt knee-high or higher became a kind of document that confirmed this.

Short dresses for a wedding - are they relevant or not?

There is a stereotype that wedding outfits should look like a royal medieval gown that wraps the female body in a corset. Furthermore, there is no fixed and generally accepted code of what the woman should appear on her most festive day. There are only numerous traditions. And this is everyone's personal decision - whether to honor it or not. One of these generally accepted expectations are long straps, corsets, and covered legs. But who is this tradition for? For all? Is the bride ready to become the primary provider of satisfaction and enjoyment for guests? Or she still remembers that this is her special day and decides to buy a mini wedding dress.

Shortened wedding clothing is innovation on the one hand and the already recognized novelty on the brides market on the other. They are selected more and more often. This suggests that the number of those who have eliminated stereotypes when performing the wedding ceremony is increasing year by year. The bride's perception and appearance area expands. After all, this is a day dedicated only to her and she will decide which outfit she will wear: look that will please everyone but not her? Or she can drop all fears and treat herself to a short wedding dress that is now very easy to buy. Yes, and many dizzying silhouette appeared.

Time is moving forward. Young people don't enjoy balls where you can solemnly bow or dance a “mazurka” after picking up a hem. The era of discos and drives has come. The era of free movement and freedom of expression. The music is well advanced, and dances for it suggest anything, but not the corset and the hem that drag across the floor. The beauty stopped hiding under the heap of matter. It is no longer invisible under the crinoline layers. Short wedding dresses, the price of which is comfortable for everyone, take this side of the celebration into account.

Decoration of mini dresses

All the famous people were innovators. Every developer of something new hopes that his creations will bring joy and inspiration to people. Therefore, all specialized shops offer short wedding dresses for women in a wide range, as they will be the face of the main holiday in life. The wide range of styles and designs will satisfy the most demanding tastes.

They can be decorated with:

  • Gold embroidery;
  • Semi-precious stones (pearls);
  • Top;
  • Glass beads;
  • Rhinestones etc.

Short wedding dresses: catalog of styles (examples)

Lace train

Every self-respecting wedding salon offers short wedding dresses in the dizzying range. And it necessarily contains a number of the models of short products with a lace train. This is one of the most common dress for the most important day. Various options are available for this model:

  • straight and flared;
  • with  symmetrical and asymmetrical hem;
  • with white down or with satin inserts.

The advantage of this model range is the large scope for the selection of additional lace parts:

  • tights;
  • knee socks;
  • gloves
  • shoes
  • high lace boots.

All these elements are able to complete the image of the bride, almost perfectly. And the characteristic length of the product will add such a rare note of spiciness for wedding dresses.

Straight cut and chiffon

Mini direct-cut wedding dresses are strict and seductive models with a weightless chiffon hem. Deep cuts partially open the bride's legs and the elegant lace lining. The top is the bodice. The neckline is open but not provocative, which indicates the modesty of the bride and at the same time a bold character.

Order dresses with home delivery

Women are happy if the salon with the most breathtaking outfits is on the next street. But what about those who live far away but really want a particular model? Online shop of wedding dresses can solve this problem. The virtual changing room or manual selection of sizes makes it possible to avoid tedious journeys and adjustments.

⭐ What silhouettes of wedding dresses are the most popular this season?

The latest collection "OKSANA MUKHA" presents dresses for every taste. Lush, A-line silhouette, fish, fitted, straight - a wide choice to satisfy the most demanding brides.

⭐ Are only classic white wedding dresses presented in salons?

Of course not, In the catalog of wedding dresses "OKSANA MUKHA", in addition to white, you can find wedding dresses in pink, cappuccino, cream, powder, beige and other shades.

⭐ How to buy a wedding dress online?

Choose a model of wedding dress that you like, specify the color and size. If in doubt about the choice of size, you can always consult with salon managers. Or book a dress and come to the nearest salon for fitting.