Ivory Wedding Dresses

Ivory wedding dress for modern romantic young ladies

No wonder that the outfit for the bride of this color is chosen by sensitive and romantic natures. After all, this is an unusual shade of white with a slight yellowing, sometimes beige and yellow, as warm and bright as air cream on cakes. You can easily understand why many people like the cream wedding dress.

Indeed, on this special day, despite nature and temperament, many brides want to look very gentle and touching. This impression is easy to create by choosing a wedding dress in cream colors, monochrome, or in combination with any other colors.

Who needs an Ivory wedding dress?

  • It is surprisingly well suited for many brides but looks especially good with white-skinned blondes or slightly dark-brown-haired women. It is extremely cautious to choose a similar dress if you have very dark skin. The outfit will look just as strange, the tone is lighter than the natural complexion, and when the colors of the skin and dress "fuse", they have very similar shades.
  • Brunettes with "winter" type - with rich black hair and pale skin - should be careful with cream-colored wedding dress before buying and take a close look in the mirror. The combination of the cold look and warm color scheme is not always a good option.
  • A dress of this color has been in vogue for a long time, so it is unlikely that anyone will be surprised. Unless you opt for an interesting play with colors. For example, when it comes to the shade of delicate cream and traditional white in different combinations. Among such options: The monochrome clothing is thinned with white embroidery, the satin belt, or an insert of this color. Airy tulle in white and cream-colored rows creates a mysterious haze. Now imagine a completely different mood combination - with black, scarlet, or pink. The bride's image immediately becomes bright and bold!

It is very difficult to say what variety of outfits of this color can be found in every collection OKSANA MUKHA. They differ in style, shape, length, or materials used and always seem to envelop the bride with a touch of tenderness and mystery. But the cream-colored lace wedding dresses look particularly beautiful. The use of this thin material with unique patterns, if possible, enhances the impression of touch and gives the image its unique retro character.

⭐ What silhouettes of wedding dresses are the most popular this season?

The latest collection "OKSANA MUKHA" presents dresses for every taste. Lush, A-line silhouette, fish, fitted, straight - a wide choice to satisfy the most demanding brides.

⭐ Are only classic white wedding dresses presented in salons?

Of course not, In the catalog of wedding dresses "OKSANA MUKHA", in addition to white, you can find wedding dresses in pink, cappuccino, cream, powder, beige and other shades.

⭐ How to buy a wedding dress online?

Choose a model of wedding dress that you like, specify the color and size. If in doubt about the choice of size, you can always consult with salon managers. Or book a dress and come to the nearest salon for fitting.