Collection «City passion»


This summer we created a collection full of movement and life. The source of inspiration for us was the image of the bride - as we saw her today - modern, elegant, bold, charming in her enjoyment of life, love and freedom.  She loves life and herself in it, her movement cannot be stopped, not limited. She wants to enjoy it.

Street style glamor combined with youthful, beauty, lightness inspired us to create this collection. It is full of a feeling of romantic lightness, enriched with shimmering glitter, exquisite lace and details, variety of textures, elegant lines and silhouettes.

In this collection Oksana Mukha continues the idea of translucent dresses from the previous collection «Gloss». Lace floral vibes as the bloom on dresses, graphic embroidery with glitter and sequins, a variety of fabrics and textures – airy chiffon, bright organza, light tulle, elegant satin, shimmering glitter -all this is about our collection today.

Yes, we want to inspire, seduce, enjoy and give pleasure - because you are worthy of the best on your most important day!

Today, here and now, you are the best together with the OM brand!



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Victoria Buleeva chose OKSANA MUKHA dress for her debut on the illustrious stage of the Monte Carlo Opera

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Beautiful Marta Sierra in OKSANA MUKHA dress in the video"Two more nights to Cannes Film Festival"

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Najlepsza influencerka według Forbesa wybiera sukienkę od OKSANA MUKHA

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