Our new collection is already on the site. The next step is between you and your choice.


In the new collection "Gloss Glass" the designer demonstrating its own vision of independence graceful woman. A lightweight,  airy dresses and an exquisitely decorated "mermaid" with  an original detachable trains are the basis of the collection.

Dear clients, everything we do is for you and about you. You are our world, - women, girls, daughters, mothers, grandmothers - we devote our handmade work to you.

Be blessed!



Victoria Buleeva chose OKSANA MUKHA dress for her debut on the illustrious stage of the Monte Carlo Opera

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Beautiful Marta Sierra in OKSANA MUKHA dress in the video"Two more nights to Cannes Film Festival"

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Najlepsza influencerka według Forbesa wybiera sukienkę od OKSANA MUKHA

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OKSANA MUKHA powraca na Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week z nową kolekcją

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