Sparkling is never too much! Trends of evening fashion from OKSANA MUKHA


Floral and monochrome, shiny and matte, fitted and ball gown silhouette - incredibly refined, elegant, impressive - they are already yours!

Our new collection is made of the traditional materials: tulle, glitter, lace. Also we used the completely new fabrics: an impressive jacquard patterns on a transparent silk base - it will stand out from the crowd on each party, banquet, ball. You will be special, it is impossible to look away from you!

Be different in this evening… Tender or fatal, elegant or playful, aristocratically modest or bright, like a hummingbird - it's just you, it's only yours and only you decide, the main thing is that you are with us.



Presentation of the new collection "City passion"

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Collection «City passion»

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The oldest taxi in Lviv

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Our new collection is already on the site. The next step is between you and your choice.

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