June 11, 2020

The oldest taxi in Lviv

The first taxi appeared in Lviv in the late 1930s. The residence of this amazing city was in love with  everything from France. So the choice fell on a Citroën car.

It was prestigious to be a pround owner of a Citroen, so many of the most famous  Leopolitans of the time, including the Potocki family, could be spotted driving them.

We dedicated our new photo shoot to this time and to the almost century-old witness of this amazing period.

Feel the spirit of this time with us, forget about the business woman status and social media, put on a new hat and our dress and feel like an exquisite countess on the promenade….

June 09, 2020

Our new collection is already on the site. The next step is between you and your choice.

In the new collection "Gloss Glass" the designer demonstrating its own vision of independence graceful woman. A lightweight,  airy dresses and an exquisitely decorated "mermaid" with  an original detachable trains are the basis of the collection.

Dear clients, everything we do is for you and about you. You are our world, - women, girls, daughters, mothers, grandmothers - we devote our handmade work to you.

Be blessed!

June 04, 2020

Frida and her flowers…

The inspiration for this floral fusion was a famous Mexican artist who always wore flowers in her hair. Uncompromising brightness, which does not give you a chance to be in the shadows.

She is a symbol of pride, determination, and authentic beauty, or, as surrealist André Breton put it, “a ribbon around a bomb”.

Collection «Frida Flowers» by OKSANA MUKHA.

June 04, 2020

A new wedding collection is always an event for us

What is the start? It’s always a mystery.

It is still a huge mystery for us. Among hundreds, thousands of female faces, here she is. She is our bride. She decided and understood that it is her choice, her image, and only in this dress she feels inspired.

We are looking forward...


April 13, 2020

Cote d' Azur

We are pleased to present you  "Cote d' Azur "  from the new collection of the 2021 season by OKSANA MUKHA.

While creating it we were inspired by the multifaceted beauty of the perfect creation of the the Most High - a woman sensual and sensitive, full of dignity and harmony. 

"Cote d’ Azur " collection offers bridal gowns full of the true energy of femininity and romanticism. 

We are convinced that collections will satisfy our most exacting clients and they will remain fascinated by the elegance and purity of the lines, the airiness and grace of looks, the luxury of the decor, the flawless fit, the richness of the textures, we believe that our collections will leave no one indifferent.



April 01, 2020

Sparkling is never too much! Trends of evening fashion from OKSANA MUKHA

Floral and monochrome, shiny and matte, fitted and ball gown silhouette - incredibly refined, elegant, impressive - they are already yours!

Our new collection is made of the traditional materials: tulle, glitter, lace. Also we used the completely new fabrics: an impressive jacquard patterns on a transparent silk base - it will stand out from the crowd on each party, banquet, ball. You will be special, it is impossible to look away from you!

Be different in this evening… Tender or fatal, elegant or playful, aristocratically modest or bright, like a hummingbird - it's just you, it's only yours and only you decide, the main thing is that you are with us.

January 23, 2020

L`arome de Paris is a new collection of 2021

Please welcome a new L’arome de Paris collection of wedding dresses by OKSANA MUKHA. Our designer offers ball gowns for real princesses, various of chic and classy mermaid silhouette dresses and really contemporary midi-length gown.
Dresses made of glossy tulle and delicate floral lace invariably look exquisite. Luxurious June, covered with satin with floral openwork carving, became a novelty. We invite you to pay attention to the Uma dress with exclusive fringed lace - it opens the line of the trendy Boho style. The highlight of the collection is the original dress made of the Italian organza — Tayler, decorated with feather elements and beaded embroidery.

Muse and be inspired!

September 09, 2019

Expo Wedding Fashion Ukraine

June 06, 2019

Cruise collection presentation OKSANA MUKHA by Kateryna Yalova

Traditionally cruise collection was presented within «Boom Awards 2019» ceremony.

The collection includes light silk dresses, stylish organza cloaks, chiffon blouses and sets with skirts, shorts and trousers. Gowns are decorated with an exquisite lace. The absolute trend of the collection – feathers and fringes, prints.

Looks are complemented with handmade belts, purses and shoes which emphasize the looks. The basic ivory color is perfectly matched with the author’s floral prints and is complemented with the bright accents of crimson, blue and black colors.

Deep colors, femininity in each detail, airweight texture`s combinations. The trendy designs of the cruise collection will be the best choice for your wedding trip wardrobe.



February 23, 2019

Bridal Fashion Warsaw 2019

Nowa kolekcja ślubna 2020 Oksana Mukha została z powodzeniem zaprezentowana w Chicago, Essenie i Barcelonie. W dniach 8-9 czerwca 2019 odbędzie się międzynarodowa wystawa Bridal Fashion Warsaw, na której będzie zaprezentowana nowa kolekcja. Zapraszamy do odwiedzenia naszego stoiska №33.

February 21, 2019

Wedding collection «EUPHORIA» 2020 by OKSANA MUKHA

The new «OKSANA MUKHA» collection 2020 presents wedding dresses that reflect authentic designer’s view on a wedding dress for stylish and sophisticated woman.

The collection is based on an A-line silhouette dresses, calm lines and light asymmetries. For connoisseurs of elegant classics designer created dresses of shining satin and lightweight silk and tulle. An absolutely new trend of the collection is implication of sparkling tulle with the inclusions of silver threads, embroidered golden and silver lace – beautiful small details for royal wedding. Features and textures of early 20th century come back with straight lines, lots of feathers and fringes. Traditionally for brand you can find a lots of handmade embroidery with fascinating patterns, exquisite floral ideas.

The color range of the collection is based on the combination of pastel shades from trendy ivory to deep nude.

Feminine magic looks like this…