OKSANA MUKHA brand is published on ELLE Italia official website


OKSANA MUKHA is a brand with a history of 32 years. We are represented in 60 countries around the world and do our best to make the brides feel even happier in the most unforgettable moment of lives.

We are happy to be on top of the wedding industry and create high-quality couture dresses! Our brand also regularly participates in international exhibitions and fashion shows.

We are humbled when our work is noticed by international magazines. We are glad to announce that this week the information concerning our participation in finale of J Autumn Fashion Show 2022 has been published on ELLE Italy official website.

Click on the link to find more https://www.elle.com/it/moda/ultime-notizie/a41752279/new-york-fiume-hudson-sfilata-moda-sostenibilita/



OKSANA MUKHA в рамках NYFW представила кутюрную коллекцию на NYFW

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Ближайшие мероприятия 2023

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Нежность и изысканность: Представительница Польши на «Мисс Вселенная» выбрала платье OKSANA MUKHA для участия в конкурсе

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Финалистки проекта "Холостяк" выбрали платья OKSANA MUKHA

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