It has been awhile, since we have started plotting on the very REAL project of ours.

But let’s start from the beginning and see how it all begun.

One day, just like any others, our team has been going through the photos that being sent to us from all over the world from our beloved brides. Every and each of them are dear to us, the very facts that reminds us what this is all about. Going through them, there was one picture that took our breath away.


The bride was gazing at her groom, peaceful and still, the picture was filled with so much love, I get goosebumps as i write it right now. She was looking so perfect in her dress, as if it was specifically made for her, as if there was no other dress you could think of. It was spectacular.


Never have a picture made such a great impression on our team, we wanted to know more:

Who is this girl? Where is she from? What made her choose OKSANA MUKHA and how did she choose it?


This is the moment of true inspiration: This is our BRIDE OF THE MONTH, we thought.

That is how tradition starts: you experience something meaningful and want it to last.


In a few days we reached out to Margarita, Cyprus born, professional electrical engineer (yes, impressive), a traveler, and absolutely dreamy OKSANA MUKHA BRIDE, who had joined us on a zoom call to share the story of her wedding day.


“I’m so honored to get a talk to you, thank you for this opportunity”. - she started, humbled by the fact of her participation in our Special Project. But we could argue, who was humbled more.


So let’s start from the beginning: the proposal, the date, the location, the dress. Where it all begun?

My husband Nicky's has proposed to me in Venice, and since day one, “the big research” has started. I was looking through the wedding dresses online, and was mesmerized when I found OKSANA MUKHA profile on Instagram with breathtaking designs. Luckily, I was immediately transferred to your partners in Cyprus, to a lovely wedding saloon Primalicia. “I made an appointment to try every single dress in the saloon, no joke!” – She giggles.


And what was the fitting experience, how did you find “The dress”?


On the fitting day, I was surrounded by my dearest girls, mother, sister and closest friends.  One thing I knew for sure – I wanted a princess-like dress from my childhood dreams, with a puffy skirt and elegant corset. There were many beautiful designs and I tried every and each of them, walking out of the fitting room to hear the comments of my dear audience. But then, I saw it, the dress on my dreams, Evis style.

I remember putting in on, experiencing something truly new to me – I felt like REAL BRIDE for the first time. That’s the feeling when they say “I knew it was THE DRESS”.

When I walked out of the fitting room, the space was filled with silence of admiration, it was obvious – This is it. I found it. Such a vulnerable and happy moment. I will always remember it.” – her voice trembling a bit, with a soft smile as she finishes the sentence.



Tell us about the wedding day, that breathtaking view from your pictures and the church were you got your blessings. Why those places, there must be something special about them?


Yes, you are right. The wedding day took place on the 1st of July in Cyprus. The pictures that you saw were taken on the seashore, where we usually come a lot during the summer. It collected so many warm memories, so the decision came naturally. The Church that hosted our ceremony was the same one my Grandmother was taking me to, as a little girl. I knew it since then, that this is the place I’d like to take vows with my future “Mr. Handsome”.  Dreams do come true, I guess.”



What was the celebration like? Was it big and loud, or you preferred intimate gathering?


“Due to the restrictions, we had to reschedule the wedding a couple of times, so the celebration wasn’t that big, around 300 guests.” (Not what we call a small wedding in Ukraine, for sure. )

But there was still a lot of happiness, dancing and wishes from guests. We were delighted to make it happen, since the anticipation was huge.


Margarita, if there was only one moment from that day that you would like to keep, what would it be?


Oh, I know exactly what would it be. When I was walking down the aisle, my heart was beating so fast. Everyone was there, looking at me. And when I saw him, standing there, smiling, all my worries disappeared. I was just walking towards him, as in the lightning field of gold, feeling love and serenity. I am very lucky to find my true soulmate, my best friend, my partner in crime, my most trusted companion, and most of all – the love of my life. But it’s not only that, the wedding or the celebration, but realizing the fact, that I am to spend the rest of my life with this person, In love.
That is true a blessing.



And as we said goodbye, I was so touched by this experience that I needed a couple of minutes to process it. The entire team got their eyes wet when I was telling them every detail about the interview. Neither me, nor the team were expecting where exactly it would take us, frankly, there was no expectation at all. But the feedback was REAL. Our office was filled with kindness and inspiration that day, realizing the meaning of our work. Reaching out and exchanging traditions with different cultures and mentalities, actually opens a very interesting fact, all of us have more in common than we might think – the core values.

Kindness, love and gratitude.

Thank you Margarita for allowing us, OKSANA MUKHA team, be a silent guest of your ceremony, who stood on your behalf to make you feel like a REAL BRIDE, with every stitch, every second that went into the creation of your dress.


And when we thought about it, we realized: by starting a dress creation, we are taking part in a magical moment sometime in the near future, that no one is aware of yet.

And who knows, maybe that dress is yours?








Interview & text,

Liliia Petryna



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