Seasons change and it’s hard to believe the summer is already behind. Every day we overseeing how slowly but surely we are coming back to the life we used to. Fully seated restaurants, weekly vacations, boat trips and flights has made it’s way to our summer bucket list. As well as our team has just returned from their journey from Chicago, USA, where they have attended BRIDAL MARKET CHICAGO for the second time.


Joyful experience of meeting our long lasting partners in person and presenting our new designs was certainly something that we have missed. Being showcased elbow to elbow with so many different designers and being inspired of the way our industry is regenerating, has left our team upbeat and hopeful.


Summing up the results of our latest collection ‘Muse of the Paradise” we have recognized the main bestsellers that were an absolute “highlight’’ of our partners and brides, and would like to share them with you.



( 1. Vivienne / 2. Gia / 3. Abigale )



 ( 4. Fleur / 5. Mia / 6. Sarah )


As it turned out, the Market was as busy and lively as usual and it’s such a delight to see  how industry is getting a move on after such a long slow motion period.

Trends are changing, fashion is circular, the world might be in different situations, but the fact we all have to face, when there will be love, there will be life, and nothing will ever change that.

 Viva la vita!



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