Wedding Campaign 2022. "Muse of the Paradise"



Graceful & mystical, a definition for the anticipated new collection by OKSANA MUKHA.

Inspired by the Mediterranean aestetics and mythology of the southern Europe, infused with elegance and airiness in every design, yet is empowered by silhouettes and rich embellishment and décor.






The variety of the materials coursed around the world & been custom made to align with the imagination of the designer – reaches nearly 200 kinds.  Unique decorations and floral appliques, all hand sewn onto the garments.






In an ode to beauty, OKSANA MUKHA showcases the excellence of femininity.






In order to build the continuity of the atmosphere in the collection, we had to find a dreamy, paradise-like location. Ss they say, desperate times call for the desperate measures, and there is absolutely nothing, that will stop a strong team with vision not to porsue the dream to uplift our brides, and see them shining in our dresses.


After some back and forwards discussion, the decision was made, looked like a perfect location to recall that Mediterranean feel, the collection was longing for.


This season’s creations are an ode to nature and the radiant landscapes of southern coast.





The result outdid the expectations. And while the entire team is preparing for the release of the Collection 2022 on the 14th of May, here is just a glimpse of our behind the scenes outtakes.



SKYLERR at the National Selection for Eurovision.

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OKSANA MUKHA captivates the audience at the J Summer Fashion Show 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Upcoming Trunkshows 2023-2024

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Upcoming Trunkshows 2023

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