One dress - two looks. Stylish and practical combinations by OKSANA MUKHA.


Modern brides have long departed from the classic variations of one-piece dresses. Today, designers offer to experiment with the original detachable elements, just changing them at the right time. Often, in order to look unique, girls buy different outfits, one for the wedding ceremony, the other - for the celebration. But there is a great solution - a dress with detachable elements (dress-transformer)  when only one item of clothing can change the image of the bride.

Wedding dresses with a train are designed to make the image of the bride royally luxurious. Dress that has the ability to take off the train is very practical. At the beginning of the celebration, you can demonstrate your aristocratic beauty, take part in a photo shooting and when the ceremony turns into an active part, you can easily remove the volumed detail. A dress with a train will not go out of fashion for a long time, putting on it the bride attracts the attention of everyone around.

 Last year lowered and volumed sleeves were the main trend. In the new season, these trends have evolved and changed: sleeves - separately, dress - separately. Sleeves are not only single part of a the image - now it is a stylish addition to the dress. The variety of sleeves is surprising - designers use "lanterns", puffs, puffy in the fold or on the cuffs, "Juliet" sleeves, with train, etc. In addition, the important decorations  are embroidery with sequins, silver threads, as well as feather elements. The detachable sleeves can be used to create two completely different looks. Thus, the royal dress with volumed sleeves is transformed into a light, romantic image.


   A wedding dress with a cape is a royal option for an elegant wedding. For the third year in a row, capes remain in trend. It's actually  alternative to train and veil, a great addition to a classic or minimalist dress and a must-have for a cold weather. This element is perfect for a wedding ceremony, but at the celebration you can take it off and show off your wedding dress. The cape can start from the neck or be attached to the shoulders on the back of the dress. 

 In any case, remember that this is your day and everything around should be for you ...easily, with smile and pleasure. Let the choice of your main dress become a pleasant adventure and stay in memory only with the most amazing emotions.

  With love, Oksana Mukha ...




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