Oksana Mukha
Color : Green, Gold, Black

The dress is made of unique designer silk jacquard, the manufacturer of which is the only company in the world. The exclusivity of this fabric lies in the combination of silk and metallic threads according to the visual pattern developed by the designer in such a way that the shining fabric itself is a decoration and does not require additional decor. In addition, the pattern is placed so that the interweaving of silk and metallic threads alternate with the uncovered parts of the canvas, creating a kind of airy, translucent areas. The fabric was created especially for the OKSANA MUKHA brand, it is so self-sufficient that the task of our designers was only one thing - not to interfere with the author's idea and create the perfect product that will celebrate it. All draperies are fixed by hand, the length of the skirt is 43 cm, can be varied by individual order. The waist line is accentuated by a genuine leather belt decorated with accessories made especially for this collection.

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