Oksana Mukha
Color : Claret

The dress is made from a unique designer silk jacquard, produced by the only company in the world. The exclusivity of this fabric lies in the combination of fiery burgundy silk and metallic threads woven into a silk organza fabric according to a unique pattern developed by the designer in such a way that the shining fabric is already a decor in itself and does not require additional decoration. In addition, the pattern is placed in such a way that the interlacing of silk and metallic threads alternates with the uncovered parts of the canvas, creating a kind of airy, translucent parts. The fabric was created specifically for the OKSANA MUKHA brand. The design of the dress repeats the dynamics of the fabric - a short skirt reveals the owner's luxurious legs when walking, the draperies of the upper skirt add grandeur and drama to the image, the corset favorably emphasizes the chest line and a thin waist, accentuated by a belt made of genuine leather, specially made for the OKSANA MUKHA brand. All draperies on the dress are handmade. Train length 20 cm.

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