Where can I order an individual dress?

Individual orders for sewing are taken in the design studio «OKSANA MUKHA» at Lviv, Lemkivska Str., 15, tel. +38(032) 259 09 09.

How do I know whether the required dress is available in the salon?

If there are no representatives of TM «OKSANA MUKHA» in your city – you can apply to representatives from neighboring cities (find Authorized Dealers). You can also use the opportunity of individual orders in the design studio «OKSANA MUKHA» in Lviv at: Lemkivska Str., 15, tel. +38 (032) 259 09 09.

How do I know whether the required dress is available in the salon?

You can call the nearest salon and learn not only about availability, but also about possibility of sewing the product especially for you. Addresses and phone numbers you can find on Authorized Dealers.

Is it safe to buy my gown online?

Only Oksana Mukha products purchased directly from Authorized Dealers are certain to be genuine Oksana Mukha products. Purchasing products from unauthorized sources, either on the web or in unauthorized retail locations can involve certain risks. Please refer to our Authorized Dealers for important information regarding these risks.


What types of partnerships are available?

The company «OKSANA MUKHA» provides the following possibilities for cooperation:

  • Official representative leading monobrand or polybrand trade without its own brand;
  • The dealer.

Where is the production based?

Production is located in the city of Lviv (Ukraine) and performs the complete cycle of production processes.

What kind of advertising and information support is provided by the manufacturer to its partners?

Official representatives receive full marketing support in the form of advertising campaigns which are conducted by manufacturer as well as a wide range of promotional materials for the retail customer.

What materials are used in production?

Our wedding dresses and evening gowns are created with carefully selected quality European fabrics (natural silk, taffeta, organza and atlas), lace «Chantilly», furs from Russia. Wedding and evening gowns by Oksana Mukha are created with the advantage of hand work: artistic, decorative and beaded embroidery, lace applications, decoration with SWAROVSKI crystals. As decoration we use SWAROVSKI crystals, Italian glass beads, Japanese glass beads, etc.

How often new collections are produced?

Once a year.

How to start a partnership?

Please contact our sales department by filling out the form for prospective partners (Become a partner).