Mermaid Wedding dress

Mermaid silhouette wedding dresses: an attractive and delicate look

The wedding dress with a mermaid silhouette ignites the feelings with its femininity at first glance. In it the bride looks like a young princess. Such an outfit is also called "fish", it fits playfully with the thin camp of the woman and publishes her attractive shapes. For the most festive day in life, a “mermaid” wedding dress with lace, short and long sleeves, neckline, or bareback is suitable. OKSANA MUKHA offers brides fashionable and popular "fish" dresses in various styles.

The peculiarities of the cutting of the wedding dresses in the mermaid style

The designers of our company love to create mermaid pictures because each of them embodies the imagination of the masters and their artwork. There is no one like the other. They are perfect for slim women with body shapes like the pear or the hourglass. The hips are emphasized, the waist becomes thinner and you optically add more growth.

It is not necessary not to refuse the princess's dress to very tall or plump women. Variations in the cut allow you to hide flaws in the complexion of the body and highlight its benefits. After all, wedding dresses with mermaid silhouette are different in their style:

  • Their contour tightens the roundness of the figure to the knee and then unexpectedly expands - over the entire hem or just on the back;
  • They have different numbers of narrow or wide wedges. The size and width of the mermaid tail depends on the type, quantity, and size;
  • Short ladies fit a deep neckline, shoulders - open or made of transparent material. A product with a neckline in the shape of a heart is advised to fashionable women with magnificent breasts, V-shaped - for ladies with wide hips;
  • frills - will make the silhouette more flirty, mischievous. Vertical ruffles look great - they are made of lace or edging from a fabric different in structure;
  • open back - on a perfect posture such a model sits perfectly and very cute;
  • Mermaid wedding dress with sleeves - more suitable for the cold season. Sleeves give mystery and intrigue to the image;
  • There are models with decor and decorations - with embroidery, rhinestones, with lace. Products with laces and fasteners are offered - they are easily customized according to the figure; any detail makes it noticeable
  • a simple option without decorations - also refined and stylish clothes. Any detail makes it noticeable - the neckline, bareback, ribbon, a combination of several textures.

Varieties of images of the fabulous "mermaid"

Consider the location when buying mermaid wedding dresses with the train where the event will take place, as well as their style and theme. Suitable for official celebrations, the wedding ceremony, and restaurants an outfit with the long train of 50-90 cm. The bridal couple is charming in the photos.

When you celebrate a wedding in nature,  its hard to move freely with the long "tail" and you can get dirty quickly. More practical is short train up to 10-15 cm is suitable. A floor-length Watteau train is attached to the dress at the level of the collarbones.

Here you can buy a mermaid wedding dress with a detachable train. It acts as a separate part that is removed after the festive part and worn for a nice photoshoot.

A special element of the outfit is the skirt, which can change the bow of the bride:

  • it is performed in the flamenco style that came to us from Spain - the lower part of the hem is gathered from behind;
  • rounded shape - focuses on the bottom of clothing and gives the hem more volume;
  • The front part can be cut tight and the back part with wedges. Then the skirt goes off the knee or a little higher into a train;
  • a straight skirt with no details on the bottom, a slit at the back and a removable "tail";
  • sheath dress, a figured shuttlecock sewn to it - a magnificent, multi-layered, with frills, with drapery.

Fashionable mermaid style wedding dresses

They are always in trend, their cut is constantly being improved and reaches the ideal. The price for a mermaid wedding dress depends on the features of its sewing and on the fabric used. A denser material is chosen for its base, satin is suitable. Taffeta, silk, crepe, georgette, crepe de chine are also used. Often designers sew a multilayer thing. Transparent guipure or chiffon, lace is combined with satin.

Among the most fashionable in the coming season are mermaid lace wedding dresses: with a thin or dense lace bodice. Lace embroidery, which is sewn onto the main fabric, is used to decorate products. Patterns are placed on the skirt and on the bodice - tightly or randomly.

In our catalog, you will see a chic mermaid lace wedding dress with a train. There are also fashionable asymmetric options with one shoulder - the detail will distract your eyes from the flaws of the figure. One of the secrets of our fashion designers is the use of lace, which differs in color from the base - a shade of ivory, cream, milk. The highlight for brides is the corrugated taffeta robe. The dress is decorated with spectacular draperies, a corrugated neckline, or elements of a corrugated skirt.

Where to buy a beautiful and fashionable wedding outfit

Be guided by personal taste, when choosing a mermaid-style wedding dress, do not forget about the features of the figure. Designers of the company will help girls to choose the right clothes according to size - so that they are small, they fit the figure, but at the same time, do not hamper the newlywed's movements when walking and sitting.

Long gloves will complement the outfit - if it is sleeveless. Ribbons, pearls, a variety of beads, and rhinestones will give shine and special charm to the product. It is important to correctly choose underwear because the dress will fit your figure tightly.

Many fashionistas have chosen a mermaid wedding dress for the celebration, you can buy it directly in our store. In the e-catalog you will find various product options at an affordable price. Add them to the online fitting room to see how the thing will fit on you. If you need to fit the size, the craftswomen will remove or add centimeters.

The image of the bride will be harmonious, divine, and seductive. She will become a princess on the happiest wedding day.


当然不能,在“ OKSANA MUKHA”婚纱目录中,除了白色以外,您还可以找到粉红色,卡布奇诺咖啡,奶油,粉末,米色和其他色调的婚纱。

最新系列“ OKSANA MUKHA”展示了各种口味的连衣裙。豪华,A字型轮廓,鱼形,直身-满足最苛刻新娘的多种选择。