Wedding dress with a stand-up collar

A wedding dress with a stand-up collar is an unusual solution that involves the closed neck. Such a detail symbolizes restraint, chastity, but the combination of lace and translucent elements of the corset and skirt opens the veil over the secret of femininity. And the author of the OKSANA MUKHA brand is able to find the perfect combination of styles, shapes, and decor.

Collection of Oksana Mukha wedding dresses with stand-up collar

Choose such models with caution, that is exactly what any stylist will say. But the author's products with lace trim corsets and loose styles only emphasize the beautiful features. Wedding dresses with a stand-up collar:

  • They will help visually enlarge the breast.
  • They will make you slimmer, and the neckline - thinner.
  • Smooth angular features.

Such models are good for girls with a long neck, but a translucent lace collar of a small size will visually make this line longer, even if you are not the owner of one.

A similar neckline with mesh sleeves and a corset top decorated with several lace appliques look harmonious. She looks lighter and more intriguing, rather than strict and restrained.

At the OKSANA MUKHA fashion house, you can choose wedding dresses with a stand-up collar from different collections - from classic lush, elegant and fitted, airy models for every taste.


最新系列“OKSANA MUKHA”为各种口味的服装提供了完美的搭配。郁郁葱葱的、A字形、鱼型、合身的、直线的都会满足最苛刻求娘的广泛选择。


当然不是。在“OKSANA MUKHA”婚纱目录中,除了白色外,你还可以找到粉色、卡布奇诺、奶油色、粉末色、米色和其他色调的婚纱。