Godet silhouette Wedding dress

Gode wedding dress for a luxurious bride

A gode wedding dress will help to make a harmonious proportional figure even more attractive and feminine. It focuses on a thin waist and rounded hips. The style is quite demanding both for accessories and the image as a well, but in it you can look really royal. The price of a wedding dress is available to everyone, not just monarchs. You will no longer have to search through catalogs of foreign brands, regretting that you are not the daughter of an Arab sheikh. Outfits from the fashion house of Oksana Mukha are suitable for official and thematic celebrations.

Each gode wedding dress silhouette can be described in three words - royal, fantastic, romantic. A special cut emphasizes harmony and forms the neckline. But the main advantage is the "mermaid tail", a flared element resembling a miniature train.

A gode wedding dress with a skirt will suit a bride of medium height and higher. We designed options to fit the standard dimensional grid. You should not worry about the size. It is enough to decide what type of magnificent bottom you want and how open the shoulders should be.

A variety of gode wedding dresses

There are such wedding dresses in the catalog:

  1. With a half-opened bud skirt extending from the knee. The model looks amazing on slender girls, adding charm and sophistication.
  2. With a “bandeau” corset. It will look great with both a bridal veil and hairstyles for loose hair.
  3. With long translucent sleeves. Such a detail is combined with bare shoulders, which embody the fragility of the bride.
  4. With a deep decollete. Choose it if you need a nice accent on the chest and shoulder line. The neckline is chastely covered with lace inserts.
  5. With a multilayer hem - airy, spectacular, the silhouette transforms into a "fluttering cloud".
  6. In the form of a two-part set with the top and the skirt for a themed wedding in a hot climate.
  7. Made of satin without guipure - especially for fans of minimalist solutions.

The color scheme of the dresses in our catalog is traditionally reserved and delicate. There are snow-white models, but most are available in cappuccino and cream tones in a delicate beige and ivory tone. Milk and light coffee and champagne - colors that look good on tanned skin and are suitable for both brunettes and blondes.

What fabrics do we use

We prefer European materials for sewing, including:

  • Lace with floral patterns in the best traditions of old England or with unusual intertwining of threads in French and Moroccan technology;
  • Stretch satin to achieve the effect of the flowing waterfall;
  • Stretch net for fixing lace decor and creating translucent accents;
  • Tulle net for gorgeous details;
  • Satin for a dress with a simple cut.

You can buy the gode wedding dress in our representative offices. Here you can try out your favorite options and choose your wedding outfit.


当然不能,在“ OKSANA MUKHA”婚纱目录中,除了白色以外,您还可以找到粉红色,卡布奇诺咖啡,奶油,粉末,米色和其他色调的婚纱。

最新系列“ OKSANA MUKHA”展示了各种口味的连衣裙。豪华,A字型轮廓,鱼形,直身-满足最苛刻新娘的多种选择。