Wedding dress champagne

When choosing a bride’s outfit, traditional sparkling white is increasingly giving way to softer shades. One such option is a champagne-colored wedding dress. The warm tender palette looks feminine and romantic. In combination with designer finds, a slight hint of golden notes underlines the elegance of the models. OKSANA MUKHA fashion house is known for a variety of shades and amazing author's solutions, skillfully combining modern trends and classic traditions in creating wedding dresses.

Increasingly, brides prefer champagne-colored dresses instead of the traditional snow-white wedding dress.

Champagne Wedding Dresses Collection

The models in warm white tones are particularly feminine and romantic. They are suitable for different formats of the ceremony, look great at classic celebrations or events, without causing any inconvenience to the bride. Elegant, sophisticated products are an example of top performance. Carefully designed styles combine with extraordinary surfaces.

  • Lush skirts are the choice for a classic outfit. They harmonize with open or hidden shoulders and emphasize the solemnity of the moment.
  • Flowing satin and atlas hem combined with elegant, simple tops - discreet models with exclusive details such as the swinging skirt, open back, and hidden pockets in folds.
  • The rejection of elaborate decor with rhinestones, beads, or pearls in favor of interweaving ribbons or the shine of a glossy satin places emphasis on the relevance of modern wedding dresses in champagne color.

In the catalog of the fashion house OKSANA MUKHA there are more than 100 styles with a variety of decorations, so it’s impossible to describe all the finds in words. Brand models meet not only the requirements of quality but also to the various whims of the bride and groom. Here you will find a luxurious royal dress and light outfits, exclusive fitted dresses, restrained sophisticated dresses, unique designs with national features.

You can choose a wedding dress on the pages of this site, and try them on in one of the brand salons. You will also find their addresses here. Choosing dresses of the Lviv designer, known around the world for an exquisite collection of original dresses for celebrations, you can be sure that on the most important day in your life you will be irresistible, most beautiful, and desired bride.



当然不能,在“ OKSANA MUKHA”婚纱目录中,除了白色以外,您还可以找到粉红色,卡布奇诺咖啡,奶油,粉末,米色和其他色调的婚纱。

最新系列“ OKSANA MUKHA”展示了各种口味的连衣裙。豪华,A字型轮廓,鱼形,直身-满足最苛刻新娘的多种选择。