Princess wedding dresses

Every bride wants to look like a fairytale princess at her wedding. There are lush wedding dresses that are perfect for such a picture. The abundance of ruffles, frills, and balances, multi-layered and multi-layer skirts, against which a corset embroidered with lace or pearls successfully contrasts. Such luxurious outfits emphasize the high chest and thin, graceful waist. Celebratory, beautiful, splendid wedding dresses can be decorated with smooth folds, which merge into a cascading drag at the bottom.

The models of complex styles are in great demand, for their production different colored fabrics with related shades are used. They perfectly match the aura of the wedding celebration and have been classics for more than a dozen years.

The secret of the lush dress

Ball gown wedding dresses are created by crinolines, rings, multi-layer skirts, balances, and cascading frills. The size depends directly on the number of lower layers, they make the outfit feminine, festive, and airy. The top skirt can consist of vertical and horizontal frills, waves, pleats, pleats, which are decorated with flowers, rhinestones, or pearls.

The prices for lush wedding dresses are the highest because they require a large amount of fabric and the material is expensive. It is mostly silk or satin that maintain their shape perfectly and convey an image of elegance. Flowing, light skirts can be shaped thanks to flowing silk, and dresses made of tulle or organza are the most magnificent.

Advantages of lush wedding dresses

Let's try to find out why many brides prefer to buy ball gown wedding dresses.

  1. Lush dresses are represented by a variety of styles, which will be discussed later here.
  2. The cut suits both owners of "pompous" shapes and women with graceful figures.
  3. The lush dress successfully demonstrates the design idea of the author, and removable elements, sophisticated draping, original elements, and exquisite fabrics help.
  4. The color variety is quite extensive. Wedding dresses with full skirts are not limited to white and pastel colors. Shades of blue, green or scarlet, which are preferred by bold brides, are not excluded.
  5. We can say that white lush wedding dresses universal - they can be chosen for both summer and winter weddings. In winter, a fur cape, a short fur coat, and a bolero or shawl will go well with this outfit.

Choosing the model

This online store with lush wedding dresses offers a really wide selection of models, including the following popular styles.

  1. Outfits with wide skirts look really fabulous and solemn.
  2. A-line dresses are more restrained, elegant, and aristocratic. Due to the really high-quality and expensive fabric, you can emphasize the elitism of the image.
  3. The train will make you a real queen and will be appropriate if there are a large number of guests. The veil for this option should be appropriate and partially cover the train.
  4. In this catalog of lush wedding dresses, there are also long-sleeved models that perfectly complement the image of a restrained bride who has a certain mystery. Sleeves made of chiffon or lace are a winter option, and for a summer wedding, sleeves-lanterns or shortened options are suitable.
  5. Flirty and playful option - a short, fluffy dress, which will be appropriate at a themed wedding. This style demonstrates the cheerful nature of the bride and her sense of style.

Time for accessories

After deciding on the style of the dress, it is worth paying attention to the choice of accessories that should have status and elegance. Pearls and rhinestones can make an image cheap, so it is better to give preference to jewelry made from precious metals. Large earrings are suitable for an open neckline. Shoes should be high-heeled and the skirts of the dress should completely cover the legs if you choose a long wedding dress. The bridal bouquet should be humble and compact so as not to strain the picture. A cascading bouquet is suitable for a dress with a tow.

This page presents lush white wedding dresses from which you can choose the perfect option for yourself. You will be amazed by models with exquisite design, which have been developed taking into account the latest fashion trends. Airy clouds of skirts, exquisite corsets, clean folds, pearls, and gemstones. What other outfits can be a bride dream of on her wedding day?


最新系列“OKSANA MUKHA”为各种口味的服装提供了完美的搭配。郁郁葱葱的、A字形、鱼型、合身的、直线的都会满足最苛刻求娘的广泛选择。


当然不是。在“OKSANA MUKHA”婚纱目录中,除了白色外,你还可以找到粉色、卡布奇诺、奶油色、粉末色、米色和其他色调的婚纱。