Wedding dress with a train

Wedding dresses with a train - a trend that does not lose relevance in the future 2021, presented in the collections of the OKSANA MUKHA brand with elegant models in an unlimited variety of silhouettes. The length of the hem, its decor, combination with the style of the corset - all the details are involved in shaping the image of the bride. In the catalog of the world-famous fashion house, everyone will find an outfit for their taste.

The best dresses for graceful and extravagant brides

OKSANA MUKHA is a synonym for exclusivity, perfection, and accessibility for most Ukrainians, although the brand is popular in many countries. The highlight of the brand is its uniqueness and versatility. An example is a wedding dress with a train - with a long or restrained hem, with a fluffy or narrow skirt, with or without jewelry. More than 100 variations presented in the catalog of the fashion house are perfectly combined with elongated elements, creating new and unexpected images:

  • The original solution is a short wedding dress with a train covering only the back of the skirt, or a mermaid style. This category includes extravagant, vibrant models for courageous, confident girls. The silhouette emphasizes a delicate decor that gently moves from the corset to the lower details.
  • Elegant products with a graceful silhouette without unnecessary decoration are surprisingly delicate and romantic dresses for brides with any complexion of different ages.
  • Lush wedding dresses with a train is the royal choice. Such a style makes the figure thinner and higher, allows emphasizing the status. Luxurious elongated skirts are a classic version, transformed in the collections of a well-known brand with jewelry, unexpected details, or traditional silhouettes.

The uniqueness of OKSANA MUKHA products in exquisite combinations of fabric, lace, decor, and cut. Each dress will be exclusive at the request of the girl - with different combinations to your taste.

For a wedding dresses, the fashion house chooses high-quality fabrics from leading European manufacturers:

  • atlas;
  • satin;
  • silk;
  • stretch satin;
  • organza;
  • chiffon;
  • lace fabric, etc.

Fabrics complement exclusive decorative details - lace, embroidery, Swarovski crystals, pearls, ribbons, braid. Carefully thought-out combinations of jewelry create images that inspire girls, instilling in them confidence in their irresistibility. A variety of outfits allows you to choose the most suitable for a thematic or luxurious royal wedding, for a modern youth party or an elegant event at the highest level.

How to buy dresses of the OKSANA MUKHA brand

You can order a wedding dress with a train on this page - in the description, you will find information on where you can try on and buy your favorite model, what will be the price of the dress in the selected combination of style, fabric, and decor. You can place an order from anywhere in Ukraine and the world.


最新系列“OKSANA MUKHA”为各种口味的服装提供了完美的搭配。郁郁葱葱的、A字形、鱼型、合身的、直线的都会满足最苛刻求娘的广泛选择。


当然不是。在“OKSANA MUKHA”婚纱目录中,除了白色外,你还可以找到粉色、卡布奇诺、奶油色、粉末色、米色和其他色调的婚纱。