Powdery wedding dress

Restrained and at the same time feminine tone, which cannot be called traditional for a wedding dress, - powdery color, an actual shade combining a neutral beige, warm sand and delicate pink, has become fashionable among modern brides. A soft, pleasant palette creates an appropriate image, while the style and individual details of the outfit intrigue, focus on the figure, elegant lines, express the character and mood of the girl. The collections of the OKSANA MUKHA brand are so diverse that in them every Ukrainian will find a suitable model - to their taste, complexion, wealth. The products of the fashion house are available and at the same time exclusive, which is confirmed by samples in pale pink.

Blush color dress collection by Oksana Mukha

A pale pink palette with restrained beige notes looks more airy and organic than brilliant white. That is why girls choose such outfits for unusual ceremonies, especially since the nature and styles of powdery wedding dresses can be radically different:

  • A playful corset with open shoulders - without straps and sleeves in combination with a multilayer flowing skirt. An unobtrusive lace ornament sets off the grace and lightness of the model.
  • Magnificent flounces of a luxurious train create a royal image, but without unnecessarily rigorous traditional innocent attire.
  • A few lace appliques on a falling translucent hem in combination with similar motifs in the corset trim - this is what perfection looks like.
  • The absence of a neckline emphasizes the modesty and romance of the image, and for intriguing femininity, cutouts of such products are decorated with lace or fringe.
  • An open back, an American armhole, a deep neckline - different details look frankly, but behind the veil of translucent lace remain chaste.

Wedding dresses in blush shades in any style look elegant. Author's finds make silhouettes thinner and taller, emphasize the graceful lines of the clavicle, feminine curves, sophisticated features. Lacy patterns resemble jewelry work, so skillfully they wrap around a female mill. The scattering of flowers along the lush hem emphasizes the youth and innocence of the bride.

Another highlight of the brand's models is removable parts. They allow you to change the image of the bride and groom during the celebration - from a lush traditional outfit it will easily turn into a comfortable evening outfit.

You can choose and buy a wedding dress in blush color on the pages of this site. Of course, you will want to try on an outfit and show off in front of the mirror, imagining how impeccably you will look at the ceremony. You can also find brand store addresses here. Shops are located in many cities around the world, so you can order and try on dresses anywhere in the world.


最新系列“OKSANA MUKHA”为各种口味的服装提供了完美的搭配。郁郁葱葱的、A字形、鱼型、合身的、直线的都会满足最苛刻求娘的广泛选择。


当然不是。在“OKSANA MUKHA”婚纱目录中,除了白色外,你还可以找到粉色、卡布奇诺、奶油色、粉末色、米色和其他色调的婚纱。