OKSANA MUKHA brand now fulfills the orders even faster and with better quality


We are constantly learning and improving to become even better for our customers. That is why we want to share the good news with you - now we fulfill your orders even faster and with better quality!

OKSANA MUKHA LLC successfully completed the consulting project "Production processes efficiency increasing" on the LEAN methodology implementation in production.
For 10 weeks, our team worked together with a consultant from the Smart People business school to reduce production time and inventory.
We managed to increase productivity by 33%!

What is LEAN Manufacturing?
LEAN manufacturing is a production process based on an ideology of maximizing productivity while simultaneously minimizing waste within a manufacturing operation. The LEAN principle sees waste as anything that doesn’t add value that the customers are willing to pay for.
The benefits of LEAN manufacturing include reduced lead times and operating costs and improved product quality.



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