Buy beautiful evening dresses at special prices from the manufacturer

We offer to buy an evening dress from the fashion house of Oksana Mukha. Each outfit is a complete image that can emphasize on the exceptionality of the moment. We create evening dresses for girls of different build and height. Such things are suitable for those who want to look not just good, but amazing!

Trend collections

Our salon of evening dresses will delight with a variety of styles in 2020 to provide fashionistas with a maximum of choice.

Evening dresses store in Ukraine offers different types of products. Some of them are made in a simple cut but using fabrics with patterns, embroidery and guipure inserts that look expensive and concise at the same time. Such models help to create an elegant silhouette that dynamically changes when walking. These are fitted things with skirts flared from the hip or the knee. Top design can be in such variants: in corset format, with flat straps or with cutouts of various shapes and depths.

The collection of designer evening dresses also includes dresses adapted to modern event formats. For their tailoring, we use such fabric as satin, satin-stretch which has silk sheen. You can buy options in pastel watercolor shades or tones reminiscent of juicy fruits or precious stones. We made sure that every beauty could choose a solution to her taste - romantic or passionate, in Oksana Mukha’s store. In any of them, you can not be unnoticed!

There are also pantsuits complemented by sweaters with elongated folds like in tailcoats, with maxi skirts and short tops. There’s a narrow strip of naked body remains in them, and it drives the surrounding men crazy!

Have you decided to buy an evening dress in Ukraine? There’s no more need to travel to shopping centers, trying to unsuccessfully find "that one" anymore. Entrust your image to professional designers to make it unsurpassed! If you cannot decide on the style, we invite you to one of our salons and the consultants will select an outfit that will emphasize your femininity, uniqueness, and incredibility.

Being beautiful is easy! And in the evening dress from Oksana Mukha, every woman will feel like a real star of the evening.

Online consultations are also available. To do this, just call the number that is listed on the site or write to the store’s email.

Possible options for colors and decor

Evening dresses for women are a special way of self-expression. A beautiful and harmonious outfit will help to “overthrow” rivals or attract the attention of a potential gentleman. Ladies receive well-deserved compliments and declarations of love. And what photos remain in the memory of your royal charm!

Women's evening dresses are sewn in such colors:

  • red palette: scarlet, burgundy, coral, peach, the shade of tea rose, powdery;
  • blue: sapphire, electrician, indigo, delicate blue, turquoise, light blue, the tone of the autumn sky;
  • green: emerald, fresh herbs, lime, spring foliage;
  • cream and beige: milk, golden, champagne;
  • violet: saturated plum, intense violet, soft lilac, lavender, violet;
  • yellow: sunny, shiny gold, orange, apricot cream;
  • black: matte and glossy saturated carbon in combination with white for contrast or solo.

The price of an evening dress depends on the amount of decor. We do not turn things into "New Year decorations", but we correctly emphasize so that it would be nice to look at a woman in a restaurant or on a holiday. For jewelry, we use thin satin ribbons and richly embroidered lace, embroidery and guipure, multilayer combinations of color nets and filigree textile decorations. We also have models with fully embroidered corsets.

Reasons to buy a dress in the OKSANA MUKHA salon

If you are deciding to buy Oksana Mukha evening dress online, you will get:

  1. Consultation on the choice and the possibility of fitting in one of the representative offices of the salon. We will advise which outfit to buy to emphasize your inner femininity and romance, and which will focus on sexuality and sensuality. The consultants know all the rules of the dress code for any events and will help determine the outfit if you are invited to an official celebration for the first time.
  2. For tailoring evening dresses in Ukraine, we use European fabrics with quality certificates. Before we offer our customers a product, we check all the materials: how they fit in, how practical they are to wear and care, do they lose color. The attention to detail from the designer’s side will allow you to be impeccable, even if the celebration lasts until the morning.
  3. The choice of shade and cut. One and the same “mermaid” style will look different if the hem is solid or if it is decorated with a contrasting polka dot or restrained tartan prints. It's possible to sewing the model you like in the desired color. For some evening dresses, we also offer additional accessories - for example, capes, boleros, hats, wide belts, puffy removable skirts.

Evening dresses from the manufacturer are not only profitable but also stylish. Photos of dresses on models from different angles will provide a complete picture of the style, fit, color saturation. We assure you - you will look even better!

How to order an evening dress in the online store

If you decide to buy a dress online, just select a model on the website, select the size, color and place your order without leaving your home, or call managers and order the product by phone. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice, advise a suitable style and model.

If you wear non-standard size clothes, we will sew the dress for you by individual measurements. Products are created to make women happy. In evening dresses from Oksana Mukha you will be irresistible at any festive event. We ship worldwide. Therefore, you can order a dress wherever you are.

Not sure which model is right for you or you don't like online shopping? Come to one of our representative offices (all addresses are indicated) and choose the dress of your dreams at our store.



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