The sea of senses Wedding collection 2019 by OKSANA MUKHA


Romanticism and sensuality, femininity and style, semitone colors and graceful textures – all this was laid in the basis of the new collection.

Each line, fabric or sequin is combined into images that are designed to enchant the look and heart, cause the desire to touch and feel every texture, its airiness, softness, silkiness.
The designer takes us through wide palettes of shades – from the classic ivory to the pastel glare of the beach sunset. The flow of pink and sand colors to the crystal glare of the mauve clouds reflection on the sea surface… The glitter of embroideries and bugles on the bodices as the movement of light through the waves. Semitransparent corsets organically merge with the skin, decors and laces are exquisitely displayed on contrasts – a fascinating look of naturalness and charm.
Tandem of light and color sensually passes from dress to dress.
The fabrics used in the collection continue the legend of the sea of senses: from the purity and coolness of the satin to the tulle airiness, from the delicate Chantilly lace to the textured soft lace with charming patterns.

Nature remains a constant inspiration for the designer, so the collection has traditionally been accented with decor ideas. Embroidery with symbolic ornaments, handmade flowers, original layout of appliqués and lace.

Our offer to each bride is a whole sea of emotions and feelings embodied in wedding dresses.
Feel! Say «Yes»! Be blessed!

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